is another exciting venture from BAD HABITS which aims to bring a new online wine shopping experience by providing:

- A specially curated selection of wine with a "no bad bottle guarantee"
- Wine and food pairing notes for each bottle
- Expert sommelier advice available, just send us a message!
- Wine subscriptions, courses and classes

We understand how wine can be overwhelming for some, so we try to keep it simple for those who love wine but have a hard time deciding on what to purchase by carefully curating our selection. Our team with a few of our friends has tasted each bottle and even included our favorites in the featured section of our homepage. We hope you like what we’ve chosen for you as we guarantee "no bad bottles!"

Aside from presenting a “no bad bottle” wine list, our goal is also to share our wine knowledge for a more enjoyable drinking experience. By providing a superb value-for-money selection and literature on the wines we carry, we hope to establish a deep relationship with our customers as we navigate the wine universe together.

For people who may get hooked on our wines and service, we offer special wine subscriptions and courses which will ensure that every month, you get a curated selection of pleasant wines. This way, you can slowly not only distinguish your Bordeaux from your Burgundies, but learn the subtle art of wine tasting and pairing.

We wish you great drinking pleasure!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us as our team of wine aficionados are ready to help you.